Building disposal plan is shortsighted

Building closures

During this month’s Glenrothes Area Committee, my SNP colleagues and I called for local communities to be consulted on the potential disposal of their council run buildings.

During the committee, I openly stated that I was not willing to support putting a mandate on something which would allow for local assets to be closed before any consultation had taken place with the communities that will be affected.

A concern I raised during the area committee is that the Tenants Meeting Rooms in Rimbleton and Caskieberran were both within the chart of assets that the council deem “unwanted” by the community and therefore fine to dispose of. I was recently approached by a constituent asking if they could book the Rimbleton TMR, and I am also aware that GARF have previously shown interest in the Caskieberran TMR.

However, in both instances, these requests were knocked back and were told that these TMRs were not open for bookings.

My argument, therefore, is how can we conclusively say that there is no appetite for community use of these buildings when past requests have been declined. Unfortunately, this is something that appeared to fall on deaf ears during the committee and the decision to continue with the disposal plans was passed.

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