The Importance of Languages



My partner currently lives and works in Sweden, and being from part of the world where the mother tongue is widely spoken across most other countries, it means that the urge to learn another language isn’t so prevalent.

However, it isn’t until you’re in a situation such a living in another country and having to get by on a day to day basis where you realise that, although most people can speak English, not knowing the country’s native language does restrict you somewhat.

Visiting Sweden on a regular basis, I have witnessed people being able to go between 2, sometimes 3, languages in a very short space of time. It is an incredible skill and one that I wish I had. It’s made me realise that we in Scotland, and others right across the UK, rely too heavily on the expectation of other nations being able to speak English. By doing so we’re missing out on so much learning, but also missing out on a lot of opportunities, both professional and personal, which require more than one language to be spoken.

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