Say no to bombing Syria

CVQRcV6XAAArsDRSo, the vote is in and it has been declared – the House of Commons has voted 397 – 223 in favour of air strikes in Syria.

Tonight, I am deeply saddened by a decision made by our government. And, although it was reported today that 72% of Scots were against air strikes as well as 57 out of 59 Scottish MPs voting against the motion, it was simply not enough.

Our RAF planes will soon be entering Syrian air space and will be adding to the horror and devastation that innocent people have already had to endure. Horror and devastation that has led to the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War and has resulted in millions of people being displaced.

To say that I am angry by tonight’s decision would be an understatement.  Hearing Labour and Tory MPs cheering, together, at their decision to have British bombs fall on Syria will never leave me. Have we not learned from our mistakes of the past? The UK should not repeat the same mistakes and engage in military action without a comprehensive and credible plan to win the peace.

Please add your name to the Scottish National Party (SNP)’s ‘Don’t bomb Syria’ campaign to show your support

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