From left to right: Cllr Craig Walker, SNP 2016 candidate for Mid-Fife & Glenrothes, Jenny Gilruth, Cllr Julie Ford and Euan Howells, Chairman of CH@T.

It was a pleasure to attend CH@T’s Christmas Fayre yesterday with Cllr Craig Walker and the SNP’s Holyrood 2016 candidate for Mid-Fife and Glenrothes, Jenny Gilruth. 

CH@T is a voluntary committee based in west Glenrothes which aims to create a clean, safe and healthy environment for all residents. Prior to the sad decision being made earlier this year by Labour run Fife Council to close Tanshall Primary School, CH@T was based in the school which ensured easy access for the community. This was CH@T’s first event since the closure, and what a success. 

It was great to visit the fayre and to join in on vibrant, christmas cheer that was present in St Ninian’s Parish Church hall. I had a great chat with Euan Howells, Chairman of CH@T where he told me of the support that he believes CH@T requires to be able to move forward from it’s recent displacement.

This is something that Cllr Walker and I are both committed to and will ensure that we work with CH@T and the council to pursue.

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