Left to Right: Cllr Julie Ford and Cllr Craig Walker, both Glenrothes West & Kinglassie.

It was a sombre morning in Kinglassie this morning as my colleague, Cllr Craig Walker and I joined the community for the remembrance service and laid wreaths on behalf of Fife Council and Peter Grant MP.

Those present ranged from our very young to our oldest in society, and everyone’s jackets were decorated with red poppies. It is on days like Remembrance Sunday that, no matter what political background you are from, the community comes together to remember those who have not only fallen in conflicts, but remember those who have suffered great trauma, mentally and physically.

After the service, it was an honour to join veterans for a pie and a cup of coffee at the Kinglassie Miners Welfare Institute and to hear about what they have sacrificed.

While we remember those who have fallen, we must also remember the innocent civilians who have found themselves in the middle of conflict zones. And we must learn from our history to try to ensure that there are no more men and women who are needlessly sent into conflict.

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