Council tax freeze

The council tax freeze has been overfunded by the SNP Government. A report published by independent, impartial experts at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) has found that the council tax freeze has been more than fully funded, prompting SNP MSPs to call on Labour to withdraw their “inaccurate and misleading” claims that the council tax freeze has been ‘underfunded’.

The report finds that the SNP Government provided local authorities with an estimated £164.9m over and above what was needed to pay for the council tax freeze. Additional money that local authorities should be using to improve our vital local services.

SPICe’s research stands in stark contrast to the claims made by senior Labour Party figures, including the party’s new deputy leader Alex Rowley who said in February this year that “the on-going council tax freeze remains underfunded putting even greater pressure on front-line council services” and Labour’s finance spokesperson Jackie Baillie who wrongly claimed that “the council tax freeze has been underfunded by the Scottish Government”.

As it has now been proven that the council tax freeze is more than fully funded by the Scottish Government, any cuts we see in Glenrothes West and Kinglassie are entirely down to Labour’s mismanagement of Fife Council. That is why we need a strong local voice to speak up for the community.

The Scottish Government’s council tax freeze policy has saved the average Band D household in Fife a total of £1,211. I hope that in light of this new SPICe report, we can all now support the council tax freeze that provides substantial savings to family budgets during tough economic times.

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