About Me


I am your SNP candidate for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie. 

I care passionately about our community and everyone in it, and I don’t want to see cuts to the public services that support our children’s future, or to libraries which act as community hubs for people of all ages. I believe that far too often politicians talk too much and that not enough time is spent listening to those who elected them. I am a local candidate who will listen to you. My priority is to listen to the community and hear your concerns and hopes for our area. It is only then that I can go about my work representing you.

I am a born and bred Fifer. I was born in Kirkcaldy and live in Glenrothes; I am now the third generation of my family to live in Glenrothes. At the age of 16, I began my degree at the University of Dundee and I graduated in 2012 with a 2:1 in History.

During my time at university, and for two years thereafter, I worked in two pharmacies and witnessed first-hand the reality of a Tory-led Government. It opened my eyes, it made me realise that people don’t choose poverty, or a life filled with drugs – that is a sign that our society has failed them. I will always fight against the poorest in our society bearing the brunt of mistakes made by the country’s richest, and I will strive to play my part to ensure that one day we have fairness and equality throughout every aspect of our lives.

I now work in a profession where I can actively help people within our communities. I am a caseworker and political researcher for Shona Robison MSP in her constituency office in Dundee, and every day I see the injustices that people face. Everyday I assist Shona in fighting for constituents who have had a raw deal. I fight to ensure that government bodies and organisations are treating people fairly and equally.

I would love to bring the experience I have gained from working for Shona Robison, and alongside the Depute Leader of the SNP, Stewart Hosie, back home to Glenrothes. I believe my experiences are relevant to Glenrothes West and Kinglassie as many people living within the ward will unfortunately face a lot of the same hardships. From working closely with constituents, councillors, and council officers, I am equipped with the relevant skills that it takes to be a councillor.

I am passionate about social justice and equality, and I have a positive vision for our community. I am determined to be a strong, fresh voice for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie.

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